You probably lead a very busy life so you do whatever you can to simplify things. Banking is one of those things you seek to simplify. Our internet banking program lets you transfer funds, make loan payments, place stop payment orders, and many other functions without the need to call or to go to the bank. Yet, if you receive a physical paycheck, social security check or retirement benefits check, you still have to visit your bank to deposit it. In order to complete the banking simplification process, you should sign up for DIRECT DEPOSIT. The money you have coming to you is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. In most cases, the funds are actually credited sooner than if you receive a check in the mail and take it to the bank. If you receive a government check, talk to us about helping switch you to DIRECT DEPOSIT. If you receive a physical payroll paycheck, talk to your employer about DIRECT DEPOSIT. If your employer doesn't offer DIRECT DEPOSIT, let us know. We'll be happy to discuss the benefit of DIRECT DEPOSIT with them as well.

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